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The audio-visual performance TOUR DE VINYL is a homage to the history of record experiments. Shortly after the invention of the Phonograph, the inventor Thomas A. Edison started public testing in 1877 that served the mass communication: TAM – Time Axis Manipulation – was a great attraction. The Ancestors main interest of the record player wasn’t only the reproduction of music and sound, but also the manual interference with the audio material. The experiments of the artists such as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Milan Knizak or Nam June Paik continued this steady alienation. DJ-Legends such as Kool DJ Herc, Grandmaster Flash or Afrika Bambata did not only see themselves as disc jockeys, but also manipulated the music pressed on vinyl using the record player.
With TOUR DE VINYL the reproducing device becomes a machine célibataire (Duchamp) or bachelor machine. By combining the record player with an exercise bicycle the Discjockey2000 is generated, an unconventional musical instrumentarium for generating incomparable analog sounds. The new play-back unit makes the Discjockey as a record player a real Jockey, the booster of the turning records. The TOUR DE VINYL is a musical-tonal journey through decades of the history of records, that – visually backed by historical video-pieces recklessly combines popular and serious music as well as the record player and the exercise bicycle.

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